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Automotive AC Service and Repair

If you drive a car that has no A/C, you are about to experience an uncomfortable and sweaty ride. Having a properly working A/C in your car can keep you and other passengers cool and comfortable during the entire ride. The certified technicians at our repair shop are highly trained in A/C recharge and evacuation and can assess interior climate control issues.

The main function of the air conditioner in your car is to cool the air that is coming into your passenger compartment using 3 main parts: the condenser, evaporator, and compressor.

When you come to our auto repair shop, this first thing our technicians will do is to discuss the faulty A/C system symptoms with you. After that, they will perform a visual inspection of the air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt and all other accessible components for damage, leaks or cracks. Then, they'll inspect the operation of the air conditioning compressor. They'll evacuate the refrigerant from the system if no damage or leaks are found, vacuum test it and recharge the A/C system with the help of an appropriate refrigerant that is in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacement
  • A/C vac and recharge-R134 freon only

The vehicle A/C (air conditioning) and heating systems provide cooling and heating functions to keep vehicle occupants comfortable. A/C units cool from a gas called Freon, which operates through the A/C system. The A/C system includes compressor, condenser, and expansion valve or orifice tube. A/C system failures usually occur due to a leak, clog, or improper freon amount. Freon is weighed and referred to as “Charging” the A/C system. Each vehicle has a set requirement of pounds or ounces the A/C system requires. If the A/C system is over or under charged it will not work. Xcel has a special piece of equipment, simply called the A/C machine, that can vacuum out the freon, weigh it, and replace the specified amount back into the vehicle for all vehicles with R134 Freon. This process is time consuming, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If a leak is found, parts are replaced after the system is vac’ed down, then the system is recharged and tested. (Vehicles newer than 2019 may have the new freon 1234yf. This system is very different than the traditional R134 or the old R12 freon. Xcel is unable to work on vehicles with the 1234yf freon at this time)

Heating systems in vehicles use the vehicles engine cooling system. The heat from the engine goes through the radiator, which then goes through a heat exchanger, known as the heater core. The blower motor and thermostat control how much heat blows from the heater core through the vent to keep you warm. Heater issues could stem from a much bigger problem in the cooling system (radiator and antifreeze). Inspections and proper maintenance help to ensure all your systems are working properly, so you can be cool as a cucumber during summer or snug as a bug in a rug during winter.

Detecting damage or leaks to the A/C system of your vehicle sooner rather than later, can save you both time and money, keeping you and everyone in your car cool and worry free. Call us today or come to our auto repair shop and schedule an appointment with our technicians!

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