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Warranties can be confusing and often the fine print can catch you off guard. Warranties can vary greatly. When choosing a warranty option here are some things to consider:

  • Quality of parts.
  • How are additional repairs covered that do not fall under warranty?
  • Does warranty state parts and labor are covered? Or just parts?
How Xcel handles warranty:
  • We always use quality parts from our suppliers, using OEM parts or standard aftermarket OEM equivalents.
  • If the warranty only covers a portion, but more repairs are necessary—for example-warranty covers one ball joint, but the other is bad, we will keep you informed and let you know ahead of time what your portion would be for additional parts and labor if applicable.
  • Xcel offers a 45-day warranty on parts and labor with parts supplied by Xcel. (Parts supplied by the customer will become the responsibility of the customer to have part warrantied through parts supplier.)
  • Through Napa, repairs completed with Napa parts carry a nationwide warranty. So, if you are on vacation, you can rest assured you are covered at a nationwide Napa Center near you.
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