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Brake repair and services


Brake Services

We offer top-notch brake repair and service on all vehicle makes and models. Our team of experienced technicians uses only state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure that your vehicle's brake system will be serviced and cared for accordingly. We invite you to visit our auto repair shop for a free brake fluid and brake system inspection so that you can be undisturbed about your vehicle' condition if you decide to go on a long trip across the country. Our skilled technicians will inspect all major components of your vehicle’s brake system, including calipers, pads and shoes, hardware, and rotors, and they will tell you what type of services have to be performed. Additionally, we always provide our customer’s with a written estimate of all the repairs and services that need to be performed. After you read it and approve it, only then will we start doing any type of work on your vehicle.

Brake Repairs

Do you trust your car's brakes? If you have any doubts regarding the current condition of your brakes, it's best to call or pay a visit to our auto repair shop. The common symptoms of faulty brake system include a feeling that the brakes pulls when you push the pedal, a pulsing sensation in the brake pedal, a grinding sound or wheels coated with brake dust. Our auto repair shop specializes in brake repair and service. We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of brake problems efficiently and quickly.

Some of our most common repairs include:

  • Replacing or resurfacing of drums and rotors
  • Repairing a faulty anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Replacing of brake pads and shoes
  • Servicing of hydraulics (wheel cylinders, hoses and calipers)

Brake Inspections

A lot of automotive experts suggest that you should undergo a brake system inspection at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. Our certified mechanics will inspect all of the major components of your vehicle's brake system, including the drums, pads, rotors, shoes, and linings and give you an evaluation of the current condition of the system. We will recommend replacements or repairs to maintain and improve the performance of your vehicle based on this inspection.

Brake Fluid Checks

When was the last time you had your brake fluid inspected by a professional technician? In order to stay safe, let our experienced and skillful technicians inspect your vehicle's brake fluid before you hit the road. We’ll evaluate the current condition of your brake fluid and, if needed, replace the old product with a new one that will not only meet but also surpass the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Pads/shoes
  • Rotors/drums
  • Calipers
  • E-brakes
  • Hoses/lines

Everyone knows brakes provide stopping ability for your vehicle. But few take time to inspect their brakes to make sure the vehicle can stop on a dime when something unexpected happens. Brake pads and rotors work together applying friction in order to stop your vehicle. Due to the constant friction, brake pads wear down. If pads wear too far, the pads will begin to cut grooves in the rotor. When this occurs, both pads and rotors will have to be replaced. This creates a more expensive repair than if the brake pad wear was caught early-hence preventive maintenance (brake inspections). Another part of the braking system are E-brakes or Emergency brakes. Xcel recommends you either consistently use your E-brake or you don’t use it at all (automatics only). E-brakes can rust and seize up if they are not used often.

Brake lines also play an important role in the braking process. The brake lines run between front and rear and side to side, allowing brake fluid to flow to each caliper, which in turn squeezes the brake pad in, causing the friction on the brake rotor causing you to stop. Because brake lines run under your vehicle, they are exposed to road grim and metals enemy-salt. Over time, brake lines can rust out which can create a hole. Holes in brake lines allow the fluid to run onto the ground instead of to the caliper, hindering the stopping process. Xcel recommends to keep the underside of your vehicle washed out to decrease road grim to slow down rust and corrosion that wreaks havoc on your vehicles undercarriage.

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